Sports Training Edmonton

Sports Training Edmonton

How to Become a Good Sportsman?

No matter which sport you are related to or are interested in, they all require proper and appropriate training regimes and workouts in order to succeed and maintain your performance as a player. It cannot be assumed that weight training or running alone would suffice or suit all forms of sports and will provide you with the required work out that is best suited for the kind of sport you are involved in. To compete and attain the spot at highest levels of the game, one needs to be very cautious and particular about the training that is required for the sports concerned. Depending on the type of sport you are playing, the training requirements and the regime would vary accordingly. Hence, a training program for basketball or baseball may not be suitable for those seeking to play wrestling or golf for example.

Although it may seem to be a daunting task when you start off, with determination, dedication, willpower and an appropriate training program, you can attain your dream players attributes such as bigger and sturdy physique, agility, flexibility, and strength. It is these foregoing factors which can make all the difference between an average player and a professional, who is consistent due to his physical and mental fitness.

Similarly, even in a single sport there may be various positioning and roles that one can adopt or have a liking for. By way of example, in the game of football, a goalkeeper or lineman ought to be a strong, quick, and well-built person (he/she should have strong hands with good hand gripping) who can move quickly to cover the goal post for blocking and taking control of the football from the opponent. Hence, the attributes and training required for a goalkeeper would differ from those required for those attacking or defending on the pitch.

Having discussed the general concept of sports training and its applicability to various sports (and within it), it is important to understand some of the common forms of sports training methods or workouts in order to attain optimum fitness and training prior to any crunch game.

One of the most common forms of training is plyometrics, which can be adopted on the type of sport it is used for. The primary purpose of plyometric workouts is to enhance speed and agility of the player by assisting them in maneuvering swiftly, enabling them to make higher, quicker jumps and the shifting of the body from one position or stance to another much quicker. It is argued by many that this is one of the best forms of sports training which can enable an average player to compete against a naturally talented/gifted player.

Secondly, weight training is a form of sports training which all of us are aware of. This form of training is adopted in almost all forms of sports but it must be adopted according to the specific requirements of the individual and the type of sport they are playing. The most common sport where players resort to weight training is wrestling. In this form of sport, the players aim to achieve a strong body structure with concentration on enhancing and building muscle mass and concurrently decreasing the fat content in their body. Similarly, a golfer would want to weight train to develop strong leg muscles and a leaner upper body to assist him in his shot delivery. So on and so forth. Hence, weight training is a very subjective form of sports training and the concerned players should be aware of their role in the concerned sport and use weight training accordingly to assist them in enhancing their overall game.

Every sportsman needs to do their own general workouts as well in addition to the specific ones as discussed above. Every player needs to go through practice drills which suit the activities of the game or the sport they play. For example, a baseball or a cricket player would concentrate a lot on running, catching and batting. This is the next best thing to actually playing the game itself. It has a two-in-one benefit, as you get good practice ahead of the ‘real thing’ and concurrently enables you to workout by providing a good overall body training and exercise. These drills can be easily learned and adopted by players through either coaches or trainers if you (or your team if it is a team game) have one or by reading up on it in various sports, health and fitness magazines and books readily available. As most of us rely on the Internet, such training drills and practices can also be seen online, either through authentic websites or online programs.

A very vital part of sports training is conditioning which provides you with that extra bit of energy and strength to make a lasting impression when others (who do not adopt it) start to burn out and get exhausted after a certain period of time. It involves lots of stretching, consistent sprints and jogging.

The most important aspect, as I see it, is the mental factor. There will be days when you have had enough of back to back training sessions and such training’s may seem monotonous to you. It is at times like these that your mental strength can keep your momentum going and let you practice and workout everyday without failing. So, a successful and consistent training regime which can provide you with a long-term physical and mental fitness and overall improvement in your game depends on a combination of mental strength and physical efforts. It is this very aspect of the game (or training) that differentiates the men from the boys.

Last but not least, after a strenuous workout and at times pushing your physical and mental abilities to limits, a good rest and a healthy, appropriate nutrition is imperative to keep you going for days to come and ensuring you perform to your optimum.