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Bill Borger Conquered Mt. Everest

June 23, 2016 – Posted by David Howse

Last time I wrote on this website, Bill was training for his expedition up Mt. Everest. I am happy to report that he completed his journey and is safely back in Canada. Here are Bill’s thoughts on his trek up the mountain.

Training and Development

June 3, 2014 – Posted by David Howse

Do you want to be a competent and effective worker? Improving your skills is not the only ingredient in order to earn an appraisal in the world of employment, but boosting your interpersonal skills will lift you to the edge, and become competitive. Seminars and training with goals to motivate an individual are now part of a company’s orientation program to attain an excellent manpower. This, therefore, benefits both the employee and the organization, as a common goal is set and achieved. Online business requires adequate knowledge about the most effective strategies in order to attain success. David Howse Marketing is now offering Calgary Business Ideas designed to help prospective business people make the right decisions. Amongst thriving businessmen in Canada is Bill Borger, that aside from being an entrepreneur, he also has a passion for the adventure. He is one of those who has climbed Mt. Everest.

bill borger david howse

Having some well know clients can help any business. Getting referrals from them can boost your profile as a credible personal trainer in Edmonton. At the Calgary Stampede David Howse with Bill Borger Jr.

bill borger climbing devils tower

Bill Borger of Calgary climbing Devil’s Tower. When your clients do things that are picked up by the media make sure you use those images on your fitness website so your Edmonton clients can see some real results.

bill borger calgary fundraiser

Jaime Rasmussen and Bill Borger at a Calgary fundraiser.

Bill Borger Jr. of Calgary training for his Mt. Everest fundraiser. When your clients do something special ask them if you can post their photos on a cork board in your gym.

There are three main activities that are included in training and development, all interrelated although separated.

First is training, an activity that is both focused upon and evaluated against the job that an individual currently holds. Traditional training is required in order to cover essential work-related skills, techniques, and knowledge. There is a need to focus on enabling learning and personal development for people as individuals.

Education is the second activity that’s incorporated with training and development as it focuses on the jobs that an individual may potentially hold in the future and is evaluated against those jobs.

And the third is development, an activity that concentrates upon the activities that the organization employing the individual, or that the individual is a part of, may partake in the future, and is almost impossible to evaluate.

In a particular company, the Human Resource is defined as the people who staff and management organization. This department implements the functions and principles that are applied to retaining, training, developing, and compensating the employees in the organization. Human Resource Management can be defined as the set of activities, programs, and functions that are designed to maximize both organizational as well as employee effectiveness. Training and development highlights two basic approaches – traditional and modern. The traditional approach is the traditional view that managers are born and not made. There were also some views that training is a very costly affair and not worth.

Organizations used to believe more in executive pinching. But now the scenario seems to be changing. On the other hand, the modern approach is that Indian Organizations have realized the importance of corporate training. Training is now considered as more of retention tool than a cost. The training system in Indian Industry has been changed to create a smarter workforce and yield the best results. Before building your own training program, it is helpful to understand misconceptions and other false beliefs about training and development. However, acquiring a positive attitude towards everything that you do is the best tool to empower your mental skills.

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Whether you are trying to lose weight, bulk up or feel more fit overall – you are making a great step towards a healthier lifestyle. Finding a balance between fitness and life is the key to making your personal health goals a lifestyle. It is often said that diets fail because people go “on” and “off” instead of making a total lifestyle change towards living and being healthier.

Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer such as PersonalTrainingEdmonton.com can make the difference between another failed diet and lifestyle changing success. Having a helping hand and learning new ways to achieve your goals can mean meeting, even exceeding your goals in a shorter amount of time with less work.

Personal trainers can find new ways and techniques to accomplish your health and wellness goals while working with your current schedule. Talk to and discuss in detail, challenges you have experienced in the past and your personal trainer can help you identify ways to make the transition successful.

Better health means more energy, fewer visits to your doctor, less medication, less risk of heart disease or diabetes, better sleep and more confidence. Individuals in good health are more successful in life than those in poor or failing health.

Physical health is important but it is also important to recognize mental health and proper learning skills. If you or someone you know is struggling to learn how to read, write or do basic math, we recommend Calgary Autism Schools. This organization will help you or a loved one to learn in a way that is unique to you and fits your learning abilities. See their Google Map here: Calgary Dyslexia Testing.